Happy Forth

I will do my best this summer to keep up with my blog here.  With so much happening this summer, that will be harder some days than others.  I took a week off of writing after finishing editing the third draft of my latest novel.  After a bit of a road trip this weekend, I am back at it.  I will start the memory challenge back up here soon as I decide on what to work on next.

Free writing is an important element for any writer.  It is an element that I neglect far too often.  Sitting back in my hometown coffee shop, however, I got the inspiration to sit down and just write.  Out came a piece that surprised me.  I am going to upload it under nonfiction because it does feel like a diary piece.  I need to make sure to continue free writing much more often.


The Next 33 Hours

After a long 24 hours with my parents, I am back to writing.  I did a lot of work with my parents: built cabinets, moved book shelves, etc.  It was a great way to spend father’s day weekend.  But now I am a bit behind on my Elance job.  I am at my coffee shop in my home town and am about to get to work.

This job will be my main focus tomorrow as well considering it is due tomorrow at midnight.  After that, I will get back on track in terms of editing and my Memory Challenge.  But, for now, I really need to get to work.

With Love,

A Long Day of Moving and Editing

I spent four hours of my day helping my mother move out of her office.  After the role I played in getting her fired (or reassigned, as they put it), it was the least I could do.  As I walk away from today, I have a renewed understanding for why I hated working in an office and would prefer never to be a part of one again.  Politics is frustrating enough in a family or set of friends…it’s simply Hell at work.

I’ve started working on the third draft of the novel.  Since there are so few changes necessary, I am breezing through it.  There are 52 chapters in all…and I just spent the past 90 minutes getting through the first five.  A part of me just wants to finish off the draft over the next two days so I can focus on some other projects (like actually starting the Memory Project) while other people look it over.  I’m at least going to continue editing for the next 80 minutes (I hate that the coffee shop in this town closes at six).  Maybe I will continue working at home.

With Love,