A Gift to My Readers

As a Christmas gift to all my readers, I have lowered the prices on the novel I spent a majority of 2012 working on: The Stagner Chronicle.  I will not be receiving any money from the sale of the book–that’s the only way to get the price so low.  If you do download it for free or buy a cheap version of the printed book, I hope you will be kind enough to provide me with any feedback or reactions (I can never get enough feedback).

Merry Christmas to you all!  Enjoy!

31 years after the conclusion of America’s Second Revolution, those involved in the events release “The Stagner Chronicle.” This oral history documents a drastically different history from the one set in the history books. While living in a dystopian America, three young men and women accidently spark a revolution. When they are declared enemies of the state, the trio must avoid capture or risk being thrown in an underground prison-known as a Black Site. Meanwhile, The Revolution gains some real traction.

Paperback for only $6.77
Hardback for only $20.28

Happy Forth

I will do my best this summer to keep up with my blog here.  With so much happening this summer, that will be harder some days than others.  I took a week off of writing after finishing editing the third draft of my latest novel.  After a bit of a road trip this weekend, I am back at it.  I will start the memory challenge back up here soon as I decide on what to work on next.

Free writing is an important element for any writer.  It is an element that I neglect far too often.  Sitting back in my hometown coffee shop, however, I got the inspiration to sit down and just write.  Out came a piece that surprised me.  I am going to upload it under nonfiction because it does feel like a diary piece.  I need to make sure to continue free writing much more often.


Reader Contest #1

As I continue to write, I want a way to say thank you to all of my faithful readers who continue to comment and provide encouragement.  My good friend–Jordan–suggested this contest yesterday.  It is honestly the perfect way to get to know my readers better while rewarding them.

Here’s how it works.  In the next 24 hours, comment on any one of my short stories, flash fiction pieces, or poems.  24 hours from now (4pm Mountain Standard Time on Thursday), I will write down the names of everybody who commented, put them in a hat, and pull one out at random.  The winner will receive a book from my own personal library.  When I read, I mark my books up with comments in the margins–so the winner will get to know me a bit better to.  I will provide the shipping.

For the first contest, I will be giving away “Feed” by M.T.Anderson.  This book is one of my absolute favorites.  Good luck to all my readers!