This Feels Like Posh Corps

So I attended The First Annual El Jadida Grand Prix today.  We found a good spot at a corner and watched rally cars take the 300-degree turn at speeds that would make my car back home flip.  It was fascinating to see.  I’ve never been to anything like that–even in The States.  I suddenly realized what Posh Corps means.  While most of the people in the Peace Corps experience poverty and constrained diets, I am living in a metropolitan city…and a three minute walk from a large super market.  For the most part, I am in the Posh Corps.  Though Posh Corps does have it’s downsides….namely harassment.

Anyway, today is Day Four of The 50-Day Memory Challenge.  This one is a strange one from 2010.

Day Four: The Injured Goose

100 Days Into My Peace Corps Experience


100 Days In

100 Days Down.  700 to go.  The past week has changed everything for me.  It started with Spring Camp.  That gave me the first experience of interacting with kids in Bhalil.  Once camp concluded, I got to work on some of the most important aspects of my time here.  First, getting a house of my own.  As of yesterday, I have the key to my very own beautiful apartment.  I will be spending the week ahead furnishing it and moving in.  Secondly, I am filling my schedule with classes.  I already have three English Classes scheduled in the week ahead.  I am likely to get a couple more over the next couple days.  Most of them will be reoccurring.  This will be the core of my service.  All of my projects will branch out from the kids that I teach.

Starting to be successful is changing a lot.  There have also be recent changes back in America.  It has all brought me to a strange understanding.  I now know what I am doing in Morocco.  I now know the full extent of the sacrifice I made by leaving America.  The combination is strange.  On the up side, my feet are planted firmly in Morocco and my service will benefit from that.  On the down side, there is no going back to the way things used to be.  I knew Peace Corps would change my life.  But what surprises me is how it changed me.

The emotional roller coaster that was 100 days of homestay is over.  It made me realize how many emotions can be active at the same time.  There was one point when I almost exhausted my vocabulary for emotions and honestly felt all of them simultaneously.  It is exhausting.  However, considering I was an anxious wreck only six months ago, this is a great change for me.

The other aspect is Love.  I have come to realize the true meaning of love here.  In all forms.  I have never truly understood how much I love my family…because I have never had to miss them this much.  It is a great thing to realize.  The same happens for friends.  I coming to realize who I was close to because they were around…and who is honestly a good friend (and how I can be a better friend).  As for romantic love, that is a whole other can of worms.

I am ready for the second 100 days.  I know that I do not know what they hold.  That is clear.  I barely understand what tomorrow holds.  But that is part of the beauty of Morocco and Peace Corps.  You never know what is going to happen…but is usually turns out for the best.

Like being ushered into a random house and given cake, peanuts, and tea.

Morocco is awesome.

The World of 2015

I will be back in the United States in 2015.  I’m not really sure when, but it will be 2015.  There are some early Close of Services in March.  Then again, I want to travel.  It’s all too far away to think about with any precision.  I will be back in the United States between March and July of 2015.  When I do, the country will be mostly the same.  It’ll be the small things that will have changed.  That’s what I spend a lot of time thinking about.

-My dad will be 58 and getting closer to retirement.
-My mom will be 57 and about to start her last year of teaching.
-My sister will be turning 30 around the time I get back.
-Dasia will be 15 and probably have a Driver’s Permit.
-Jade will be 13 and getting ready for High School.
-Kyra will be 10 and starting Middle School.
-Sidenote: My parents will likely have a new dog!

-IPhone 7 will probably be the big thing.
-The PS3, the XBOX 720, and independent game systems will be on the market (I want one).
-The new technology will likely be “flexible tablets.”
-Google Glasses will be on the Market.
-Supermarkets will have more “do it yourself” checkouts than human checkouts
-Space Tourism will allow civilians to orbit the moon in a “Lunar Hotel”
-Self-driving cars will be on the road, but not ready for general sale.
-Personal Computers will have up to 100 TB hard drives.

-The New World Trade Center in New York will be open
-The first Presidential Candidates for 2016 will already have announced their candidacy.
-The Defense of Marriage Act will be overturned.
-3D Printing will render gun control obsolete.
-For the first time since I was 12, the United States will not be at war.

It’s strange to think about a lot of these things.  Everything moves so quickly in the world nowadays, that a lot really does change in the course of two years.  It’s all very exciting and scary.  By the way, if you find this stuff as fascinating as I do, I get most of it off a single website.  Check it out.



A Gift to My Readers

As a Christmas gift to all my readers, I have lowered the prices on the novel I spent a majority of 2012 working on: The Stagner Chronicle.  I will not be receiving any money from the sale of the book–that’s the only way to get the price so low.  If you do download it for free or buy a cheap version of the printed book, I hope you will be kind enough to provide me with any feedback or reactions (I can never get enough feedback).

Merry Christmas to you all!  Enjoy!

31 years after the conclusion of America’s Second Revolution, those involved in the events release “The Stagner Chronicle.” This oral history documents a drastically different history from the one set in the history books. While living in a dystopian America, three young men and women accidently spark a revolution. When they are declared enemies of the state, the trio must avoid capture or risk being thrown in an underground prison-known as a Black Site. Meanwhile, The Revolution gains some real traction.

Paperback for only $6.77
Hardback for only $20.28

Reacting to Shootings in Newtown, Connecticut

For those of you who have been following me for some time, you know that I am an avid advocate for gun control.  The events of Aurora, Colorado (about an hour south of me) changed me permanently.  I no longer feel like I can sit on the bleachers as shooting after shooting after shooting takes place in my country and my state.  I want to be an active part of the solution.  If you want to be a part of the solution, here’s a short list of what you can do today:

(1) Send condolences to the families.
(2) Contact local representatives and let them know this can never happen again.
(3) Give to charities who help families grieve through these charities
(4) Support loved ones with mental illnesses. If they know they are loved, they are less likely to reach their breaking point.

I am starting off with number two.  I spent the past hour writing a letter to my elected officials (state and national).  I suggest you do the same.  You are also welcome to share my open letter in any way you would like (just let me know).  Inaction is our biggest fault.  Here is the link:

An Open Letter to my Elected Officials Regarding the Shootings in Newtown, Connecticut


Kickstarter Update

I just finished imputing all the grammar/spelling/syntax errors that my beta readers caught.  That means that the fourth draft of The Stagner Chronicle is now complete.  There is plenty of work left to do.  The editing process has entered the polishing stage.  This is where things get annoying.  All the big problems have been caught and changed.  Now it’s all about the small problems.  I want this novel to be as clean as possible before I send it out to my readers.  If you want to join the campaign, click here.

Today’s article is one of the most extreme and interesting things I have ever written.  I spent a good deal of time researching the flow of money in our world…and it left me extremely worried about the way the world works.  It is definitely worth a read for anyone who has ever wondered if there was another way.

Follow the Money to Understand the Power Structure of Our World

The Revolution Starts in The Living Room

Join the Kickstarter Campaign to Publish “The Stagner Chronicle”

This is our last full day in Connecticut for my Grandmother’s 80th Birthday.  It’s been crazy busy.  Today is our relaxation day.  We’re all trying to figure out what else we want to do while we are on the coast.  We’ve already done seafood, the beach, and Duchess.  There doesn’t seem like there is much left to do.  It’s been a great trip.

I hope to get back to writing new things in the days ahead (instead of just posting old writings).  I don’t know how long that will last.  I get back to Colorado on Monday and leave for Iowa on Thursday/Friday.  Until then, let me know what you think about the changes around the blog.  Do you prefer the creative writing or the political writing?  Or a good mixture?  Today’s article focuses on the Occupy Movement.

Why Modern Revolutions Fail

100th Post

Join the Kickstarter Campaign to Publish “The Stagner Chronicle”

I know it’s late, but seeing as I’ve been experimenting with everything in regards to blogging…why not.  This is my 100th post.  The past three months or so have been incredible.  This blog is forcing me to do exactly what I wanted it to do.  I write daily and am improving my craft at a far quicker rate than I thought possible.  I even was able to pull a novel out of nowhere in a matter of weeks.

The next 100 posts will be very interesting.  I am convinced that posting more often and writing about current events will become a permanent part of this blog.  Writing and spreading the word about important matters is all I really know…I couldn’t stay away if I wanted. So…here is update number three from the Manifesto.  Remember to check out the Kickstarter campaign.

Better Questions; Better Schools