Day Four

Casablanca from the airI just practiced my Arabic for a good hour or two.  I can now count from one to ten, introduce myself, go through the basic greeting and say goodbye in the dialect of Arabic that works in Northwest Africa.  I feel like I need to as much or more language practice compared to the other people here.  I have always had a difficult time learning languages.  I just don’t enjoy memorizing.  But I am—slowly—getting it down.  I am going to have to do this every day to keep up with the lesson.  If all goes well, I won’t be kicked out when training ends because I just can’t get by with the language.

I have continued journaling on a daily basis.  This will be my main form of writing while I am here.  During my training, I doubt I will get by fiction writing done.  Once I get into my two year service that may change.  That isn’t until late March.  I still need to master the language to the best of my ability.

Today is my girl’s 21st birthday.  It has been especially hard today being away from here.  Part of me wants to be where she is.  Part of me wants her to be here.  In the end, it honestly does not matter where we are.  I just want to be with her and celebrate with her.  As I complete my fourth day of 800, I can’t help but imagine what the next 796 days will be like without her.

This is going to be hard.  But amazing.


The To-Do List

Time Management Skills to the Test

My To-Do list is slowly dwindling.  With less than 18 days to go, I have 30 things left to do.  This is completely doable.  It’ll be a busy 18 days, but they will fly by so quickly.  Some of the things are going to be easy to do.  Such as:  20.  Get a Haircut & 28.  Put all files into a three-ring folder.  Others will be much more difficult.  Such as: 3. Find Cheap Cloud Space to allow for Computer backup & 14. Figure out Tax Information needed while abroad.  As long as I mark off three a day, I will feel comfortable   I’ve already marked off one so far today: Talked to the Bank.  I’m hoping to mark off a couple more today.

I am going to change up a few things here.  First of all, I am going to start with a daily Haiku.  I hope you enjoy these quick reads.  I will also experiment this afternoon with a Vlog.  It’ll be a great way for me to let my readers get to know me and understand me on a different level.  I went back and forth on this, because I prefer writing.  But I can’t help but look up to the legendary John Green.  He is an incredible writer and I love his vlog.  An artist shouldn’t limit himself to one art form.

We are almost done with the romantic poems of my teenage years.  The ones I am uploading today are by far my favorite.  At least read “One Day Down.”  You will not regret it.


One Day Down

My Fear

Complete Remodel

This always happens.  Every time I think of something cool that could spice up my blog, I end up biting off far more than I can chew.  It doesn’t matter.  It will be well worth the effort.  I am redoing the site by time rather than by type of writing.  It seems to be a better way to present myself and my writing   This way, when you read poetry from my teenage years, you’ll better understand why it is angsty.  It’s also the best way i can think of that shows how my craft has improved over time.

If you are looking to read any of my work, I would recommend looking through blog updates for now.  The navigation bar is going to be pretty much useless until I finish my work–which will likely take at least a week.  As I prepare the new website, I will be updating once or twice a day with old poems and stories.  Here is one of the oldest poems I wrote.  I was 14 at the time–just finishing up my first semester as a freshmen in my small high school.

And Then

100th Post

Join the Kickstarter Campaign to Publish “The Stagner Chronicle”

I know it’s late, but seeing as I’ve been experimenting with everything in regards to blogging…why not.  This is my 100th post.  The past three months or so have been incredible.  This blog is forcing me to do exactly what I wanted it to do.  I write daily and am improving my craft at a far quicker rate than I thought possible.  I even was able to pull a novel out of nowhere in a matter of weeks.

The next 100 posts will be very interesting.  I am convinced that posting more often and writing about current events will become a permanent part of this blog.  Writing and spreading the word about important matters is all I really know…I couldn’t stay away if I wanted. So…here is update number three from the Manifesto.  Remember to check out the Kickstarter campaign.

Better Questions; Better Schools

Writing Updates

I will be working around the clock for the next 24 hours.  The dozen or so “Under Construction” signs will be removed and replaced with writing throughout the rest of today and tomorrow.  I will also give you tentative release dates on the release of my three novels–Fire Saviors, The Saints, and Stitch

Please follow my feed to stay up-to-date.  I will update periodically to let you know of my progress.  Thank you.