The To-Do List

Time Management Skills to the Test

My To-Do list is slowly dwindling.  With less than 18 days to go, I have 30 things left to do.  This is completely doable.  It’ll be a busy 18 days, but they will fly by so quickly.  Some of the things are going to be easy to do.  Such as:  20.  Get a Haircut & 28.  Put all files into a three-ring folder.  Others will be much more difficult.  Such as: 3. Find Cheap Cloud Space to allow for Computer backup & 14. Figure out Tax Information needed while abroad.  As long as I mark off three a day, I will feel comfortable   I’ve already marked off one so far today: Talked to the Bank.  I’m hoping to mark off a couple more today.

I am going to change up a few things here.  First of all, I am going to start with a daily Haiku.  I hope you enjoy these quick reads.  I will also experiment this afternoon with a Vlog.  It’ll be a great way for me to let my readers get to know me and understand me on a different level.  I went back and forth on this, because I prefer writing.  But I can’t help but look up to the legendary John Green.  He is an incredible writer and I love his vlog.  An artist shouldn’t limit himself to one art form.

We are almost done with the romantic poems of my teenage years.  The ones I am uploading today are by far my favorite.  At least read “One Day Down.”  You will not regret it.


One Day Down

My Fear