The Stagner Chronicle: On Sale Now

31 years after the conclusion of America’s Second Revolution, those involved in the events release “The Stagner Chronicle.” This oral history documents a drastically different history from the one set in the history books. While living in a dystopian America, three young men and women accidently spark a revolution. When they are declared enemies of the state, the trio must avoid capture or risk being thrown in an underground prison-known as a Black Site. Meanwhile, The Revolution gains some real traction.

Digital Copy for only $4.99
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Hardback for only $23.99

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The Final Draft

And, with the strong of a key, the final draft of “The Stagner Chronicle” is complete.  I’m so glad to be done and get it out for everyone to see.  I am going to order a copy today via to make sure the formatting is alright.  If it comes back clean, I will open the book for public sale and link it.

Four book down, a lifetime to go.



We are up and running! The Kickstarter campaign was approved and we already have our first few backers streaming in.  If you would like a copy of the book, reserve yourself a copy…and then help me get the word out.  Kickstarters are all or nothing campaigns.  So if we don’t reach the goal, no one is charged.  I do not want to see that happen.  Check it out!

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Creating Free Time to Write (or Edit)

I remember all the tipsI found about writing when I was a teenager.  It was all great advice.  It’s just that I didn’t understand all of them.  One was: “Don’t find time to write.  Make time to write.”  For a high school student, this idea was brilliant.  I kept failing to write anything of length because there was always so much else to do.  Forcing yourself to write is one of the best things a writer can do for themselves.

As I quickly approach the district’s summer holiday, I realize there is a new layer to this advice.  It’s one thing to make room for writing in your day.  It is another thing entirely to make room for writing in your life.  I substitute teach and take odd jobs because it allows me to focus on writing and (most importantly) write every single day.  Lately, I only take about two days off a month from writing/editing.  I make the decision to write on a daily basis.  But I also take it into account when i make decisions about my life.

And I wouldn’t change a thing.

With Love,

66,073 Words in 42 Days

At 4:45pm today, I have completed my fourth novel.  It took me 42 days to write and is a total of 66,073 words.  That means I wrote an average of 1,573 words every day over the past six weeks.  Although the novel is slightly shortly than I would like it, I will probably take care of that in the editing.  I will wait until tomorrow to figure out how to edit this monster.

Tonight I will rest and celebrate.

8 April 2012: 600 Words
9 April 2012: 2,700 Words
10 April 2012: 4,300 Words
11 April 2012: 4,800 Words
12 April 2012: 8,700 Words
13 April 2012: 9,900 Words
14 April 2012: 10,700 Words
15 April 2012: 11,600 Words
16 April 2012: 13,800 Words
17 April 2012: 15,900 Words
18 April 2012: 17,500 Words
19 April 2012: 20,000 Words
20 April 2012: 21,100 Words
21 April 2012: 22,100 Words
22 April 2012: 25,300 Words
23 April 2012: 27,100 Words
24 April 2012: 28,500 Words
25 April 2012: 30,200 Words
26 April 2012: 31,500 Words
27 April 2012: 33,300 Words
28 April 2012: 34,700 Words
29 April 2012: 36,300 Words
30 April 2012: Halftime Break
1 May 2012: 38,300 Words
2 May 2012: 39,900 Words
3 May 2012: 40,700 Words
4 May 2012: 42,500 Words
5 May 2012: 43,400 Words
6 May 2012: 44,300 Words
7 May 2012: 46,600 Words
8 May 2012: 48,000 Words
9 May 2012: 48,900 Words
10 May 2012: 51,000 Words
11 May 2012: 52,300 Words
12 May 2012: Fourth Quarter Break
13 May 2012: 53,700 Words
14 May 2012: 55,100 Words
15 May 2012: 56,400 Words
16 May 2012: 59,800 Words
17 May 2012: Two-Minute Warning
18 May 2012: 64,700 Words
19 May 2012: 66,073 Words

Reader Contest #1

As I continue to write, I want a way to say thank you to all of my faithful readers who continue to comment and provide encouragement.  My good friend–Jordan–suggested this contest yesterday.  It is honestly the perfect way to get to know my readers better while rewarding them.

Here’s how it works.  In the next 24 hours, comment on any one of my short stories, flash fiction pieces, or poems.  24 hours from now (4pm Mountain Standard Time on Thursday), I will write down the names of everybody who commented, put them in a hat, and pull one out at random.  The winner will receive a book from my own personal library.  When I read, I mark my books up with comments in the margins–so the winner will get to know me a bit better to.  I will provide the shipping.

For the first contest, I will be giving away “Feed” by M.T.Anderson.  This book is one of my absolute favorites.  Good luck to all my readers!

Poetry Critique

Along with my friend–Jordan–I attend a monthly poetry critique.  I’m a bit nervous.  This is our second month and the first time that I will be sharing a piece.  I decided to use “The Wailing Wall” for my piece–partly because it’s short and partly because the others are extremely personal.  I hope to gain a better grasp on how to develop my poetry through these work sessions.  I’ve already done pretty good by writing more often.  Getting the input of other poets will be priceless.

I wrote 1,300 words today.  I ended up combining two chapters into one.  Now I’m getting a little worried that by word count will fall short of 70,000.  Although this isn’t entirely a bad thing, I would really prefer it to be in the golden range of 70,000-80,000.  I do have a short list of extra scenes I could include if I need the content.  I might have to end up using it.  None of them are fluff–I just wasn’t sure how to include them initially.  The editing of this book will be complicated anyway.  I might as well make it even more complicated…right?

With Love,