Beautiful Rabat

Today has been a good turn around for me.  Yesterday got a bit stressful.  I was extremely tired and lost a vital plug.  Plus the language training was bogging me down.  Today was much better.  I realized I was doing great on the language (for having only three days of training, that is).  Then I went out with a few friends.  We went to a Café, practiced our language skills, and generally enjoyed ourselves.  I also bought a new vital plug.  It doesn’t work….but that doesn’t matter.  It only cost 5 Dirham—which is about 75 cents.  So I’ll try again tomorrow.  I may even shell out 10 or 15 dirham.

Tomorrow is our free day.  Plans include going to the Madid (the walled downtown that was the whole of Rabat before European Colonialization).  Then it sounds like we are off to the beach (Atlantic Ocean).  That sounds like a great way to spend the day.  A few people are even talking about going to an Internet café in the evening—Which sounds great considering how broken the connection is at the hotel.  I would love to check up on the news, work on the blog, talk to a few people, and so forth.

At this point, I must say I am seeing very little that makes me want to go home.  Language and overall anxiety were my biggest fears.  I have gotten past both.  Anxiety seems to fade with every day and every lesson.  With my amazing language instructor and lots of practicing, I do not fear the language.  My only major problem is being away from my girl.  We now have about four days until we go off to our training sites (mine is in the Atlas Mountains off of Fes).  I can’t wait to get there and meet my host family.  I will be there until March 26th with four other volunteers.



Day Three


I am officially wrapping up Day 3 of 800 on my Peace Corps adventure.  I am starting a new method of blogging.  In this method, I write my updates in a word document…and upload them whenever the internet decides to work.  Sound like a plan?  Good.  Anyway, this will be the first night since Saturday that I have been able to get a true full night’s sleep.  I think I may just faint right now.  Sleep sounds so glorious.

The flight and bus rides went smoothly.  I converted my money over just a few hours ago at 8.17 Dirham per American dollar.  To put that in perspective, we went to a café a little bit later.  I got a pastry for 5 Dirham and my friend got a coffee for 5 Dirham.  The exchange rate is going to heavily favor us.  It’s kinda nice not to worry about buying little things like food.  I can afford it.  At least for now.

We have one week left in Rabat before we break apart into small language groups.  This is going to be a crazy week full of meeting a bunch of people, getting a bunch of shots, learning basic Arabic, and survival skills.  Emotionally I have been all over the place—from wondering why I decided to do this one moment to sitting back and relaxing the next.  This week in Rabat will be a good way to test the waters.


2012 in Review

I learned the first three letter of the Arabic Alphabet yesterday.  It’s going to be difficult, but I think I can pull it off.  I need a good way to fill my time over the next 29 days.  Spending a good deal of time learning a new language sounds like the best way to occupy myself.  Now I just need a good place to study.  My coffee place seems to have decided to start making shitty coffee….which kind of throws me for a loop.

For those of you who do not know, I am a Broncos fan.  I have lived my entire life in Northern Colorado.  This team has always been mine.  It has been an incredible season.  Even though I am more of a baseball fan, this is hard not to get excited about this season.  I mean, nine wins in a row.  Come on!  I’m starting to think about how far they can go….and I hate that I won’t be in the country for the conference championships or the Superbowl.  I will have to find a way to watch them with fellow Peace Corps volunteers.

Today’s writing is actually my year in review. I do this every year.  Same 40 questions.  Feel free to steal the questions and fill it out for yourself.  It’s a great way to reflect.

2012 in Review