In the Zone

I wrote another 2,000 words today–bringing me to 16,000 words on my new novel over the course of ten days.  I am on a roll.  If I can keep this up, this will be the fastest and best novel I have ever written.  Also, the style, length, and subject matter are all perfect to try to reel in an agent.  I may actually try to send this out to a few agents after I polish it up.  Yet again, I spent my day working on the novel and not uploadadble content.  Instead, I am going to link another “Influence.”

The Egg by Andy Weir
I read this story a couple years ago.  It changed my life.  It’s not something to believe.  It is something to ponder. It addressed the golden rule in entirely new light.  “Do unto other as you would have them do unto you.”  It is a little long, but worth the time.