More Writing Updates

I am exhausted.  After working for several hours, the About Me, Columns, and Ghostwriting tabs are now compeltely finished.  I have put a lot of working into the blog section and will have it up and running first thing in the morning.  After that, the real work will begin.

Tomorrow I will focus on posting my poetry, short stories, flash fiction, and novel excerpts.  Why you are waiting, feel free to look over all that I have uploaded so far.  In the About Me section is a link to all of my work before the age of 18–it is rough but gives you a general idea of where my writing originated.

Thank you to everyone who has followed me so far–adamarmour, stellamarr, mothstoaflame, Jordan, ladyromp, MesAyah, and ClownPonders.  I assure you that I will return the sentiment as soon as I am done piecing this website together.


What do you think?

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