Burst of Imagination

I finished writing yesterday with a total of 4,800 words done on my new novel.  So far today, I am at 8,300 words.  I haven’t had a burst of imagination like this in years.  With the plan of keeping the novel in the 70,000-80,000 word area, I am already more that 10% of the way done–and I started working on April 8th.

It’s nice.  The more I practice at writing, the easier it is for it to burst out of me.  One of my more annoying problems with older novels is that they took too long to write.  This is more than just a nuisance.  So much changes take place in one’s life over long periods of times.  Those changes can affect the tone of the writing without meaning to.  By writing quickly, the novel will contain the same voice and I will be able to control when the tone changes.

Even after this mini-vacation is done on Saturday, I will continue to write like there is no tomorrow.  I live in such a way that I can give myself a few hours each day to write.  I want to give this project my full attention.  If I am able to finish it in a short period of time (two months or so) and keep it in the necessary word length, this could simeltaneously be the best and most publishable piece of work yet.

The Reading Log and Blog section of the website have been updated.  I’ll try to update with something new tomorrow.  Until then…I’m going to aim for 10,000 words by the time  my coffee shop closes.

What do you think?

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