Today has been a strange day to say the least.  I am busily working on my novel.  I have constructed 13,000 words over the past eight days and only seem to be speeding up.  I hope to be done with the rough draft before the end of May.  Because of this, I am spending less time working on content that I will be able to upload.

Instead, I decided I would share some of my values and influences.  The video above is about anti-consumerism or minimalism.  I have been greatest influenced by videos and books with this message over the last several years.  If you have never read “The Gospel According to Larry,” please read it.  I have moved from more than 1,000 possessions to less than 550 over the past few months.  It is a freeing expereince.

“The more you own, the more it owns you.”

Also, I attended a poetry critique yesterday.  I hope to update over the week ahead with new poetry using some of the tactics I learned at this meeting.  I feel like it is one area of writing that I have not practiced all that much.  Hopefully I will build my craft over time.

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