Substituting, Peace Corps, Writing, OH MY!

What a busy day.  I spend today substitute teaching at a third grade classroom way across town.  Luckily they were a great class.  The day flew by.  Having a conversation with a 9 year old can be more inspirational than anything else.  After the day of subbing, I when to a Peace Corp meeting and realized I likely may be sent out on my 27 months far earlier than I expected.  More on that later.

By the time I sat down to write, I was exhausted and pissed off (people can’t drive for shit in this town).  Then things started turning around.  I got two cups of coffee for free, put my music on, and started writing.  It started off rough.  By the end, it was flowing out of me.  I ended up doing 1,300 words today.  I hope to do at least double that tomorrow considering I have much more free time and know exactly what I want to write next.  But, for right now, I am exhausted and hungry.  It’s time to go home.

Before I go, a couple more influences.  This time, BOOKS!

Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card
Science Fiction at it’s best.  The entire series is breathtaking.  Card’s imagination is on a whole other realm.  His ability to give his characters incredible depth and intelligence is something I have never seen before.  I use this book to gauge someone’s intellectual level.  Give this book to a elementary or middle school student.  If they identify with Ender, you know that they suffer from increased intelligence.

Testimony by Anita Shreve
Probably my favorite literary book ever.  Shreve writes so beautifully.  Each character is so unique that you don’t really know who to root for.  Her ability to make you cringe, laugh, and cry is unmatched.  When I think about how I want to develop characters, I look here.

What do you think?

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