Writing Without Wisdom (Teeth)

I went into the dentist today to deal with a few cavities.  They ended up telling me that it would be safer to remove my wisdom teeth than to put fillings in them.  A few minutes later, my first wisdom tooth was being extracted with pliers. Fun stuff.  It’s more than six hours later and the last of the numbness is finally fading from my face.  I can finally eat and taste things again!

I was worried that the dreariness of the antithetic would stop me from doing my thousand words today.  As the numbness started to fade, however, I decided to go to my coffee house anyway.  That was two hours ago and I just finished pumping out 1,700 words.  I’ve never been this dedicated to writing.  Off days don’t stop me.  Full days don’t stop me.  Surgery doesn’t stop me.  This is my 18th day of writing and I just passed the 30,000 word mark.  Only 40,000-50,000 words to go!

Today, I present a couple more movies that inspire me.

American Beauty
This is probably the most beautiful movie I’ve ever seen about the internal plight of every human being.  What I especially like about this movie is that it means something different to me each time I watch it.  No matter the message, it is always profound.  I want to be able to produce something this subtle and beautiful.  A story without at least a hint of the human condition isn’t worth it to me.

Remember Me
This movie is on my list for several reasons.  For one, I love the characters.  The character that Robert Pattinson plays is absolutely incredible.  The other aspect I like is the hidden storyline.  I am a junkie for twist endings.  However, I know they cannot come out of nowhere.  Remember Me is genius in it’s placement of subtle clues.  Even if you do realize what the twist is before the end, the tension will make it impossible to look away.  I need to learn how to do this.

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