Writer’s Block in the form of a Head Cold

Today is the first day since I started writing my new novel that I haven’t written.  I felt sick most the day.  Then I spent three and a half hours on my dream-job application.  After trying to rest, I went to see a movie with my friends.  Suddenly it’s eleven at night.  The day just ran away from me.  Luckily I am at a change of pace in the novel.  This rest might be exactly what I need to clear my mind and start anew.

I have a lot of free time tomorrow. My plan is to write at least 2,000 words tomorrow to make up for today.  Today wasn’t a total waste.  The second half of the novel is complicated enough that I’ve spent several hours trying to work out specifics.When I sit down and write tomorrow, I hope to knock out some of the final kinks.  I am so tired.  It’s time for me to go pass out.

Until tomorrow.

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