Editing While Stressed

I spent a very frustrating morning at the DMV.  After realizing that I would accomplish nothing today, I decided to declare defeat until a later date.  The stress of days like today is palpable.  My job is to try to focus that energy.  As I felt like bursting into tears, I went to my coffee shop instead.  I’ve been editing for the past hour and will continue to do so for a while (free refills on drip coffee is pretty much the best thing int he world).

Refocusing stress into the perfectionist mindset that is necessary for editing is beautiful.  I remember always trying to erase my stress by jumping in a hot tub or going for a walk.  I still do that from time to time.  But this is so much better.  I feel like I am using that stress to do something productive.  I am now almost halfway through the second draft of my novel.  I’m going to get back to it.  I’ll talk to you guys tomorrow.

With Love,

One thought on “Editing While Stressed

  1. There’s a part of me that loves the by-the-book, rules and regulations part of editing something already written. No creativity, no thought – just look for the next typo or split infinitive. It’s a great way of blanking the mind.

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