Friday All-Nighter

Considering the absence of any friends in my general area this Friday Night, I have taken it upon myself to make this night interesting.  I just got back from a short evening on the town.  I picked up a four-pack of Redbull on my way back.  Tonight will be a night that I need.  One where I fight my body, the urge to sleep, and come out the other side with a beautiful glimpse of the sunrise.

I wrote a short poem for everybody.  It is linked below.  I am going to spend tonight, editing my novel, writing memories, walking the dark streets around my neighborhood, and probably watching the movie “Brick.”  I haven’t had a night like this in a while.  I need it.  I hope I last past 3:00am this time.

I wrote this shortly after wandering the roads of my new town.  I remember doing the same thing in my hometown–traveling around like an explorer.  Only this time, I was alone.  The difference was immense.

One thought on “Friday All-Nighter

  1. Wow. My idea of a good night is probably the exact opposite of everything you’re doing. That is to say, sleep through until Tuesday. 😛

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