I’m sorry for not having any new writing over the past couple days.  I promise to upload something this weekend.  The reason I haven’t been uploading is a little complicated.  I’ve been exploring alternate projects via the internet.  I spent the entirety of yesterday working on a YouTube project.  I wrote the script and we were able to get it filmed and uploaded in a couple of hours.  It’s strange enough that I don’t entirely feel comfortable uploading it here.

But today was different.  I’ve seriously been looking into Kickstarter as an alternative for publishing my four books.  The website is brilliant in the way it crowdsources the revenue. I’ve always hated the idea of having to go through a publisher.  I love the idea of interacting directly with my readers.  So, I have a question for all of my readers.  If I start a Kickstarter campaign, how many of you would contribute?  What kind of rewards would you be looking for.

I look forward to hearing from you,

What do you think?

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