A Strange Day

It has bee a strange day.  I slept in later than I normally do–catching up on lost sleep I guess.  When I went to my coffee shop to work, everything was off.  I ordered the wrong drink.  The people next to me talked to loudly.  When I finished my Elance work, I didn’t stick around.  I got up and left.

Now I’m in Old Town, Fort Collins.  I love this place.  It may be a further drive, but the coffee shops and atmosphere where are superior.  I sat down and wrote a nice personal piece.  When I started writing, I meant for it to be the next piece in my 50 Day memory Challenge.  It took on an entirely different life of its own.  I’ll be uploading it under non-fiction until further notice.  I hope you enjoy.

Goals for a 20-Something

By the way, does anyone know where I can get my hands on some scripts?

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