Back in the Good Ol’ U.S.A.

Today marks a month since I left the Peace Corps.  It’s been a strange, yet fantastic month back. Next week I turn 25.  More than ever before, I finally feel like an adult preparing for a whole new phase in my life.   Within two months of that time, I will have a full time job (likely within the US government) in a new city.  I can’t wait to get started.  Until then, I’m just working on making my transition home a healthy one.  I decided to wait a month to write my reflections.  This weekend I finally sat down and wrote it out.  Here it is:

on Peace Corps

A Strange Day

It has bee a strange day.  I slept in later than I normally do–catching up on lost sleep I guess.  When I went to my coffee shop to work, everything was off.  I ordered the wrong drink.  The people next to me talked to loudly.  When I finished my Elance work, I didn’t stick around.  I got up and left.

Now I’m in Old Town, Fort Collins.  I love this place.  It may be a further drive, but the coffee shops and atmosphere where are superior.  I sat down and wrote a nice personal piece.  When I started writing, I meant for it to be the next piece in my 50 Day memory Challenge.  It took on an entirely different life of its own.  I’ll be uploading it under non-fiction until further notice.  I hope you enjoy.

Goals for a 20-Something

By the way, does anyone know where I can get my hands on some scripts?

Writing Various Ages

As I come close to finishing the second draft of my novel, a certain thought keeps coming to mind: what ages am I capable of writing?  I used to believe it was almost impossible to write beyond your age.  I now know that not to be true.  I am now 23 and the core of my novel center around three characters in their late twenties.  Nowadays, my thoughts revolve around the more extreme ages.  Throughout the novel, I bring in random characters in their forties and fifties…but I worry that I can’t make them as well rounded as the other characters because I haven’t gone through that part of my life.

Then there is youth.  With this novel, I feel like I have done a good job with my youngest character.  She is 14.  When I think about it, however, I am not sure if I could go much younger.  I love reading books with young characters…but I don’t know how to develop such a character.  How do you enter the mind of youth?  I talked at length with one of my friends about this.  She just read “Room.”  It’s a book that centers around a five year old.  I can’t even imagine.  Maybe that’s another boundary of my abilities that I need dismantle through hard work and writing practice.

With Love,