Don’t Fret. Just Write.

I spent a good deal of time last night wondering how I was going to write my current story.  I worried that I didn’t know how to do it right.  I worried about the order the story should go in.  I worried about this and that.  In the end, I pretty much gave up on figuring it out.  Instead, I just wrote.  It may not have come out perfectly, but it came out.  I got 500 words on paper last night.  So far this morning, I’ve already put another 500 words down.  The story is starting to come together.

Today’s poem is a special one for me.  I wrote it second semester of my 8th grade year.  I had a huge crush on a girl in my class.  I had no idea how to tell her.  Instead of gathering up the courage to talk to her, I gathered up the courage to give her a poem.  I printed it off and slipped it in her locker during the last week of classes.  She never made any mention of the poem.  But, after that, I had a small amount of courage that made it easier to talk with girls I like.  This poem is my introduction to romantic life in High School.

Speak of a Sin


The Bechdel Test for Novels

The Bechdel Test was created for movies.  The whole point was to point out the inequality of the sexes on the big screen.  In order for the movie to pass, it must succeed in these three simple tests.

1. It has to have at least two [named] women in it
2. Who talk to each other
3. About something besides a man.

It’s pretty simple.  In order for a movie to pass the test, there has to be only one part of one scene in which two women talk about something other than a man.  Unfortunately, of the 3,305 movies that The Bechdel Test Website has rated, 53% have failed.  If you did the same test for men, I can guarantee you that less than 5% would fail.  The point of the test is to point out the inequality that is seen on the big screen…and it is making a huge impact.

I want to make a vow today.  From this moment forward, I will makes sure any Novella length (or longer) writing of mine passes this simple test.  I did have this test in mind when I wrote The Stagner Chronicle–which is why it passed.  I really want to look through my first three novels and see if I fell victim to the same problem.  This type of sexual discrimination is unacceptable in my mind.  I don’t want to be a part of it.

The next time you read a book or see a movie, keep this in mind.  If you are a writer yourself, consider taking this pledge with me.

With Love,