A Strange Day

It has bee a strange day.  I slept in later than I normally do–catching up on lost sleep I guess.  When I went to my coffee shop to work, everything was off.  I ordered the wrong drink.  The people next to me talked to loudly.  When I finished my Elance work, I didn’t stick around.  I got up and left.

Now I’m in Old Town, Fort Collins.  I love this place.  It may be a further drive, but the coffee shops and atmosphere where are superior.  I sat down and wrote a nice personal piece.  When I started writing, I meant for it to be the next piece in my 50 Day memory Challenge.  It took on an entirely different life of its own.  I’ll be uploading it under non-fiction until further notice.  I hope you enjoy.

Goals for a 20-Something

By the way, does anyone know where I can get my hands on some scripts?

The High Park Fire

The graphic above shows the burn area of the fire near town and the properties that we have been keeping a close eye on.  It’s been a long ten days.  The fire keeps throwing smoke into town.  When it’s not, it’s difficult to look away from the billowing smoke.  There’s talk about this fire going on for weeks.

I got a memory done.  It is below.  I realized late last night that my Elance project isn’t sue until tomorrow night…so I feel a bit better.  I am going to spend the rest of today editing and working on the Elance job.  I can’t wait until this week is over and I can just sit back with a  book.

Day Eight: Inauguration Road Trip

Order of Operations

I have three heavy-duty, time-consuming projects going on right now.  First, I’m four days into The 50 Day Memory Challenge.  Second, I have a large Elance job.  Third, I need to finish the third draft of my manuscript.  It’s getting difficult to sit down and figure out which one I should be working on.  This is the third day that it has been like this.  In the end, it goes like this.

1. Memory Challenge.  It’s quick and makes me feel creatively accomplished when I finish.
2. Elance.  Since I accomplish creativity early, I feel like I have the energy to do monotonous work.
3. Edit.  Doing this last means that I can do it for as long as I want without causing a problem.

I still might have to take a break to go on another adventure.  The fire here in Fort Collins is kind of crazy–37,000 acres in 48 hours.  It’s starting to hit the outer edge of town.  It’s still 0% contained and burning lots of houses to the ground.  I went on two expeditions yesterday–one brought us close to the flames.  The other got me pulled over.  What does today’s adventure bring?

Here is today’s memory:

Day Four: AIM Crush Realization

Fire a Brewing

I’ve become rather obsessed with the fire exploding outside town.  It started at 6:00AM yesterday morning.  Now, some 32 hours later, it is already bigger than 14,000 acres.  They are evacuating people on the north side of town and into the mountains.  After going for a swim in the Reservoir this morning, we drove as close to the fire as we could.  Although the fire was fascinating, it was the evacuating population that caught my attention.  Watching people loading up their vehicles.  One man was chasing down his dog.  At the evacuation center, young people were gathered in the parking lot because there was nowhere else to go.  It’s fascinating how disasters mess with culture.

I worked for several hours yesterday and hope to continue to do so today.  I am already deep into the third draft of my book.  I also got a lot done on my Elance job.  So…today will consist of more editing and hopefully finishing off the first part of the Elance job.  It’ll be hard work….but it’ll be worth it.  Until tomorrow, here is day three of my memory challenge.  It’s different than the others (and kind of cheating), but just go with it.

Day Three: The Abortion & Remembrance