Back to the Memory Challenge

I’m thoroughly enjoying the weather right now.  I live in Colorado…where the smoke has consumed us for about a month now.  Luckily, we are entering the rainy season.  It looks like a monsoon out there.  I love it.  Time to go play and get soaked.

With the help of a reader, I am finally getting back to my “50-Day Memory Challenge.”  Although it is not going to be anywhere near fifty continuous days, I will finish this challenge.  Today is day ten.  After receiving a long email from a reader, I couldn’t help but continue writing about my experiencing with the abortion my girlfriend and I had six years ago.

Day Ten: The Opposite of Lonely

Six years Later…

The Fifth of July is always a complicated day for me.  Anniversaries–no matter what kind of anniversery–tend to remind you of the day that something took place.  My event took place on July 5th, 2006.  I was a month away from starting my senior year of high school.  I was dating a nerdy girl who I thought I was in love with.  For the two weeks prior to that date, I was in shock.  She was pregnant.  I didn’t know what to do.

I’ve written a lot about this situation.  If you haven’t read my full acount, it can be found here.  I have started a tradition of just writing out my thoughts on the anniversary of the abortion.  My thoughts evolve so much from year to year–even now.  Here is a link to what came out when I sat down to write today.

Jaccob: Year Six

Fire a Brewing

I’ve become rather obsessed with the fire exploding outside town.  It started at 6:00AM yesterday morning.  Now, some 32 hours later, it is already bigger than 14,000 acres.  They are evacuating people on the north side of town and into the mountains.  After going for a swim in the Reservoir this morning, we drove as close to the fire as we could.  Although the fire was fascinating, it was the evacuating population that caught my attention.  Watching people loading up their vehicles.  One man was chasing down his dog.  At the evacuation center, young people were gathered in the parking lot because there was nowhere else to go.  It’s fascinating how disasters mess with culture.

I worked for several hours yesterday and hope to continue to do so today.  I am already deep into the third draft of my book.  I also got a lot done on my Elance job.  So…today will consist of more editing and hopefully finishing off the first part of the Elance job.  It’ll be hard work….but it’ll be worth it.  Until tomorrow, here is day three of my memory challenge.  It’s different than the others (and kind of cheating), but just go with it.

Day Three: The Abortion & Remembrance

Poetry Update

Here are the poems I promised.  I am now in my hometown of Greeley, Colorado for a full week. There is a great coffee shop here called Zoe’s where I will probably spend most my week.  If all goes according to plan, I will update this site with new material every day this week.

For Jaccob
When I was 17, I discovered that my girlfriend was pregnant.  We aborted.  I’ve written a lot on this experience–simple trying to understand what had happened and what I was feeling.  This is the first poem on wrote on the experience.

Forsaken Quest
In the months that followed my high school graduation, I realized it would be much harder to make new friends.  Simultaneously, I was frightened that I could not keep a friend for very long.  The combination was frightening.

Hour Upon the Stage
I wrote this after my final high school play.  The scene that this poem describes is still one of the most vivid in my memory.  I did my best to capture the moment in detail. I always used poetry for romance.  It wasn’t until college that I found other uses for poetry–making my writing much better.  I like romantic poetry–but there’s only so much you can do with it.