Sharing Important Moments

While shopping today, I ran into a older married couple that is serving in this wonderful beach-side city.  They informed me that their son just became a father a few hours ago.  It only took me a couple questions to realize that I was talking to newly-minted grandparents.  This was their grandchild.  If it weren’t for them telling me, I’m sure I could have guessed by the eternal grin on their faces.  I wonder if that grin ever really fades.

For today’s 50-Day Memory Challenge, I took a memory I wrote last year and completely rewrote it.  It is about the Inauguration of Barack Obama.

Day Two: Inauguration Day 2009

The High Park Fire

The graphic above shows the burn area of the fire near town and the properties that we have been keeping a close eye on.  It’s been a long ten days.  The fire keeps throwing smoke into town.  When it’s not, it’s difficult to look away from the billowing smoke.  There’s talk about this fire going on for weeks.

I got a memory done.  It is below.  I realized late last night that my Elance project isn’t sue until tomorrow night…so I feel a bit better.  I am going to spend the rest of today editing and working on the Elance job.  I can’t wait until this week is over and I can just sit back with a  book.

Day Eight: Inauguration Road Trip