Strangest Week Ever


This past week has been different on such a level that I have a hard time understanding how I got here.  The shooting in Aurora underlined a lot…but there was so much more.  The coming realization that my closest friend is leaving the state in a month.  Worries about my mother, my grandmother, and my dog.  Trying to write something entirely new.  I think I may have strained my brain.

Today I revamped the website.  It should not be much easy to get around and find what you are looking for.  I also updated my About Me section so that you can contact me or find me elsewhere on the internet.  Let me know what you think.  I will likely have more free time in the evening.  Expect a late update of a memory, political, or flash fiction piece (I haven’t quite decided yet).

With Love,


5 thoughts on “Strangest Week Ever

  1. I’m assuming you mean it WILL be easier to find your way around…I can’t quite imagine you’d want to design your site to make it harder.

    It’s been a crazy week all round, really. I’m glad it seems like you’re keeping it together.

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