My son was born five days before 2019 began.  He spent three weeks in the NICU.  That means that my wife and I started off the year going back and forth from the Ronald MacDonald House to Children’s Hospital.  On January 17th, he was discharge and we finally got to experience being a family in our own home.  Later in the year, we spent 40 days in North Dakota.  After receiving a promotion at the end of the year, we moved to Colorado Springs.

I wrote a lot about life:

Reflecting on my Twenties
Vaccinate.  No Exemptions.
Deleting Facebook
on Dragging My Family to the Middle of Nowhere, USA
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2019 With the Reillys

And I wrote a lot about my primary hobby–Homebrewing.

February: The Penny Floor Home Brewery
March: The Test Batch
April: Brew One-Vanilla Cream Ale
May: Brew Two: Springtime Gose
June: Change in Pace