My 9/11 Story


I’m getting back to working on Elance.  I got a few big jobs that will keep me busy for a few weeks.  In the meantime, however, I am going to continue working on my memories.  I really enjoy working on my writing via these memories.  I will be pretty busy with work, but I can’t give up on creative writing.

Today’s memory is long overdue.  I’ve never written my memory of September 11th, 2001 on paper before.  This is my first real attempt.  As I wrote, I realized this would be one of my longest memories.  It’s difficult to tell the story without explaining the events side-by-side with how I reacted.  In the end, it turned into a long, but amazing memory.  Please feel free to share your story as well.

Day Nineteen: My 9/11 Story


Script Frenzy

I just finished working on the script for Elance.  It was supposed to be a 7-minute movie…and I wrote 13 pages.  I have a feeling it is too long.  Hopefully the contractor doesn’t mind too much.  Anyway, I am completely addicted to the idea of screenwriting.  The first thing I know I need to do is read through a few scripts from good movies.  Does anyone know how to get your hands on movie scripts?

I’m going to take a break this afternoon.  I will update the Memory Challenge with Day 13 this evening or night.  It’s going to be very different from the ones I have done.  I’ve been looking through the newspaper from my hometown and it sparked several strange memories.  I can’t help but recall the strange circumstances of my high school graduation…and the strange realization that I am exactly who my 18 year old self wanted me to be.

More on that later,

Mountain Conversations

I spent most of my day in the mountains with a new friend.  I love the stage in new friendships when you are able to talk for hours on end.  Politics.  Old romances.  The role of creativity.  Philosophy.  I’ve always been fascinated with the way that conversations evolve from one topic to the next.  When a conversation goes on for hours, you can usually track it back like an organic, living thing.

I spent most of my evening working on a script for Elance.  With every passing day, I am becoming more and more interesting in screenwriting.  Instead of aiming for writing another novel in the second half of 2012, I think I’m going to try for a movie-length script. All I have to decide now is what story I should write about.  I have plenty of stories in mind.  I just don’t know which one would translate best into film.

Today, instead of a memory update, here in an influence update and a  music video.

I liked the song, “We Are Young”.  Fun didn’t hit my radar, however, until the some “Some Nights” hit the radio.  I am in love with it.  My inner history nerd loves the video that goes along with the song.  The lead singer is so emotional.  Plus, the romance that they push in the video is so beautiful.  Make sure to watch the video.


I had gaming last night.  This is the first time I’ve ever played really played table-top RPG.  That’s not the point though.  The group that I am playing with always used to be the friends of one of my friends.  Slowly, I feel that shifting.  I am getting to know all the guys in this group and loving to hang out with them.  I even held a conversation with one of them until four in the morning…about life, the universe, and human nature.  All I can say to that is…Fuck Yes!

Anyway.  Today will be quite busy.  I have a lot of work to do for Elance.  To be perfectly honest, I kind of want to just do it all today so that tomorrow can be more of a creative day.  I have a lot of free time left today, so I think I may be able to pull it off…so long as I start right now.  Anyway, here is Day Six of the memory challenge.

Day Six: Daddy Problems