Thank You to My Readers

I would like to start off today with a great big thank you to all my readers.  Yesterday, I uploaded a very personal piece that I hoped would grab a few eyes.  I had no idea.  Within 15 minutes of posting the writing, it had 200 views.  I don’t know if my writing has gotten better or if I’m just becoming more honest in my writing (or both).  But it doesn’t matter.  Thank you for all your support.

Today I am starting what I hope will be a new routine.  The coffee shop I write at is 2.5 miles from my house.  It is the perfect distance to walk.  Today I made the trek and feel great.  It is the perfect way to get my mind going so I am prepared to write when I arrive.  It is also perfect practice for the Peace Corps–which is less than 150 days away now.  I hope this new routine will improve my writing, help me add some muscle, and shave off the final 30 pounds I need to lose.  Only time will tell.

With Love,

P.S.–For any of you who missed my piece yesterday, here it is: Struggle & Love

Struggle & Love

On a whim, I decided I needed to write about something that has been plaguing my mind for the past few days.  I’ve tried to write about it a couple time before.  This time it just came out.  It is one of the more philosophical pieces I have ever written.  It also gets to the basis of what I believe in life and living.  I hope you enjoy.

Struggle & Love

The Plight of the Writer (Huzun)

It’s strange being a writer at times.  Your writing depends so much on emotion.  The thing is emotion is ever-changing–much like a river.  The question that stands is: How to you harness the power of that river in order to produce something that will allow a reader to care.  If I write to fast, I worry about the quality of my writing.  If I write to slow, I worry about the changing emotion (of me) changing the state of the writing even when that is not what I want.

There is a reason depression and writing are forever bound.  For one, those who suffer from depression seems to have a more poetic view of their world.  Aside from that, the depressed mind is constant.  If you allow yourself to fall into depression, you need not worry about the changing state of your writing.  The question you are left with is: Can you sacrifice your life for your writing.  When writing becomes your life, the question is simple to answer.

For my readers: A poem.

Questions Deep in a Cavern
I go on regular hikes in the mountains behind my house.  I have found a beautiful waterfall where I’ve started to write.  I went there to write about a something very specific.  The idea merged with my surrounding and formed my favorite poem to date.