The 100 Brew Challenge

The Goal is simple: Brew 100 times over the course of my thirties.

The Background: My wife bought me a one-gallon brew set for our first Christmas as a married couple in 2015.  I have been brewing on and off ever since.  We have moved four times since then, making it difficult to keep materials and have a dedicated space.  However, in 2018, we bought a house that had the perfect space to turn into a brewery.  After laying a 28,000+ penny floor, I am ready.  On March 17th, 2019, I turn 30.

The Focus: I am doing this for several reasons.  First, there are many aspects of brewing that I have never considered.  Most of my brewing over the last three years has been simple.  Make a mash.  Boil it.  Ferment.  Bottle.  Repeat.  But the more I read, the more I want to experiment.  Temperature control.  Kegging.  Dry-hop.  And, above all else, there are dozens of styles that I haven’t tried to make yet.  Each brew I intend to identify areas that I can improve above.  My hope is that, by the time I turn forty, I am a skilled brewer who can start honing some flagships for an at-home taproom.

The Progress:

February: The Penny Floor Home Brewery
March: The Test Batch
April: Brew One-Vanilla Cream Ale
May: Brew Two: Springtime Gose
June: Change in Pace
June: Brew Three: Vanilla Cream Ale Take Two
June: Brew Four: Habanero Mango Imperial IPA
July: Brew Five: The Big Pink (Grapefruit Amber)
July: Brew Six: Habanero Mango Imperial IPA (Take Two)