Filling in Plot Holes

Ten pages of editing a day ended up being a bit much.  After three days of editing, I have 16 pages done.  Since the manuscript is already pretty clean, I don’t mind going a bit slower than expected.  Five pages of editing a day is great.  Plus, I’m pretty sure I’ll do much more this weekend.  I’ll be up in a family cabin in the mountains with no internet access for a few days.  It’ll be perfect.

It’s strange finding plot holes in your own work.  In some instances, I started something early on in the book and lost track of it as I wrote.  Other times, I didn’t plan on a certain plot turn and now realize the start of the book doesn’t line up with the end of the book.  I’ve come up with a good method of tracking all of them.   This is one of the main reasons I do at least three edits before letting anyone read my work.  By the time I’m done with the second edit, grammar and spelling is ususally fine.  It’s the plot holes you have to worry about.  I don’t want my first readers to be confused.

Time to go read.  The Handmaid’s Tale is quite interesting.

With Love,

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