Summer Break Means Time to Write

When I finished substitute teaching today, I went over how many days are left in the school year.  Suddenly, I realized I was on Summer Break.  I am heading up to the mountains tomorrow for a long weekend of reading, writing, editing, and friends.  When I get back, I am going to a fundraising lunch with my mother and helping out my sister with babysitting.  After that, I’m pretty sure there is only one day left of school…and I’ve never much desired to sub on the last day of school.

With time abound, I have plenty to do.  I have four books on my immediate to-read list.  I need to finish editing my latest novel.  On top of all that however, I will continue writing.  I have two stories in my head that I may start working on.  I also have two poems in-progress that I will try to flesh out this weekend.  This summer break will be a godsend to my writing.  I must make sure I keep it up the entire summer.  I need to give my followers some new material.  When I get back from the mountains, you can expect some.

With Love,

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