50 Day Memory Challenge

I am back from the mountains.  While talking with some close friends I decided to do something I’ve been needing to do for a while.  I have a horrible memory.  In order to help me remember, I created a 50 Day Memory Challenge.  Starting tomorrow I will write down a memory.  There are a few guidelines.

  1. You must write about a new memory each day.
  2. Upon completion, you should have memories of each age (that you can remember).
  3. Upon completion, you must have at least one memory that falls under each:
    1. Happiest Memory
    2. Saddest Memory
    3. Memory you are not proud of
    4. Most excited memory
    5.  Craziest Memory
    6. Most vivid memory
    7. Memory you would like to relive
    8. Romantic
    9. Sexual Memory
    10. Embarassing Memory
  4. Try to include one memory of every person who was important to you at some point in your life.
  5. Memory must not be altered (to the best of your ability).

I will be starting this challenge tomorrow.  I may not upload everything that I write.  This is more of an excercise.  It may result in material that I may upload, but that is not the focus.  I will continue to edit and work on other things as well.  Now that it is summer, I have plenty of time to work.  Here is a quick poem I wrote last night.

Changing Perspectives
I’ve starting spending more time writing poems with regard to the past/present/future.  It may having something to do with my critique group wanting to do a theme night (time travel).  In the end, however, it is bringing out a strange sense of nostalgia.  I love it.

4 thoughts on “50 Day Memory Challenge

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  3. Something that everyone should do. I have recently started with a similar exercise and found a lot wisdom and guidance in it.

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