A short hiatus

Sorry for disappearing for the past couple weeks.  I’ve been figuring out life now that the crazy summer schedule is done.  It’s hard to get used to how little there work there is everyday.  I’ve found myself wishing I had more to do everyday.  Well…maybe I will do more writing.  I’m slowing finding things to work on, but in the meantime, I have plenty of story ideas and poems that have been piling up inside my mind.  I have been working on one piece of Flash Fiction the past couple days.  Here it is.  I hope you like it.

The Man & The Box

Pre Peace Corps Everyday Project

I started my Everyday Project shortly after seeing Noah Kalina’s six-year project–which exploded onto the scene in 2007. My video is now the approximate length of Noah’s original video (he has recently uploaded a 12.5 year project).

As any Everydayer would tell you, the projects means more and more with each passing year. Now, at six year, I can see myself through the end of high school, through all of college, and as I prepare to leave for the Peace Corps. I’ve gained weight. Lost it. Plenty of sunburns. Shaved my head. Moved. This project captures the intense speed of the world around you while simultaneously showing the slow aging process of humans.

Thank you to all of my readersand subscribers. If you are not already subscribed, make sure to. I get back from the Peace Corps in 27 months–which means the next Everyday Movie will be quite different. In the meantime, check out this Youtube site that organizes all the Everyday projects on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLABDA97DDEE8BFAAD&feature=mh_lolz